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Relationships.. Adolescents.. Addictions.. and Codependency

Learn to move towards more of what you want and away from what is not working for you!!





Relationships are the crux of our human existence. Whether it be at home, school, the workplace, romantic or platonic, we need to know how to function in all relationships. We need to know how to discern which people add to our happiness, and who sucks from our life force. We need to be cognizant of how to make important relationships function optimally, and how to make changes when needed. These types of skills can provide the means to navigate all contexts of life. It is something most of us take for granted as “what is” instead of focusing on what we prefer.





They are powerful in so many ways. Sometimes they abuse, neglect, or confuse their power. This is when adults often find them to be impossible. Usually they prefer coaching over traditional therapy, but either way, once they are able to trust the guidance they receive, adolescents can flower like nothing else in the garden. As parents, we need to learn how to nourish them, rather than dampen their spirit. I have worked in a high school setting and a teenage rehab, with individuals, groups and families. I am also a parent with my own adolescents. It is my favorite age group to counsel.




Addictions and Codependency

Addictions… In this area I have extensive experience. Whether you need help maintaining your sobriety, or have questions about someone you care about, I can help. I don’t require 12- step participation, but I do know it well. I believe in the community AA creates and I recommend it, or some other, similar form of community. Once a person is freed from the burden to use substances, they can begin a whole new life journey!!

Codependency… This word can mean many things to many people. For me, it signifies people who care past what is healthy for their own lives. Often it is a learned behavior when a family member is suffering from drugs/ alcohol/ or mental illness. Learning to detach from the chaos in a loving way is not only helpful to oneself, but to our loved ones as well. I am a willing mentor in this process. Taking care of ourselves is not impossible, even in seemingly impossible situations. I can help to make this a comfortable part of your life. It is an essential tool to learn when we are in relationship with someone who is a substance user.


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