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What is it?

Neurofeedback (NFB) is a cutting edge technology that works by activating the brain's natural ability to form new connections where they are no longer working. During training, a couple of sensors are strategeically placed on the scalp and the earlobes. Brainwaves are manipulated as the participant looks at their visual manifestation on a computer screen. As such we are able to shift and control our brainwaves as we are looking at their activity. The treatment is NOT invasive. Instead, it relies on training the brain to relax and focus as it is rewarded for activating certain desireable brain wave frequencies.

Neurofeedback, then is biofeedback of the brain. It is sometimes called EEG biofeedback.

Who does it help?

Many people are currently using neurofeedback to help with such issues as:

How long does it take?

Generally people notice improvement within the first 5-10 sessions. For longer lasting and sometimes permanent results anywhere between 20-40 sessions are recommended.

Can it replace medication?

Most people can either cut down or stop using their medication after successfully completing the required number of sessions.

Neurofeedback also is used for atheletes and students to obtain optimal performance.

Who is a good candidate for NFB?


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