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I think outside of the box…. For example..


I like to have fun in therapy

I love to laugh

Sometimes I even take my shoes off

My office has snacks and coffee and is relaxing

Sometimes my clients bring in their animals; sometimes I bring in mine

I have an opinion, but it is just a starting point, my client’s opinions are more important


I like teens- especially creative ones.

I promise not to analyze

I listen intently

Sometimes coaching is better than therapy, so I do that instead

I have extensive experience in addiction and codependent relationships.

Very often where there is addiction, there is trauma as well. I ask about the past and childhood experiences in order to help make sense of and shift actions in the present and future.

I like to help people who are trying to understand addiction and cope with someone they love who is caught in it.

I assist parents with that A LOT!!


I work with people (professionals) who are highly respected and good at what they do

I am connected to colleagues that can administer educational testing, personality testing and career testing, if someone wants that..

If a problem is pervasive, I wonder if medication will help;

I am connected to wonderful resources in that area too.


I draw maps of people’s families. Our families can often tell us so much about our choices and life training

I celebrate successes along the way

I celebrate successes

I celebrate successes

(Many people forget to do that).

I will enthusiastically guide you through your journey and to the outcome you envision

It is an exciting journey to know yourself .

Thank you for considering me in this honor.



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